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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Joshua s teacher in pre-school uses smilies for the parents to know what is happening inside the classroom.(parang smilies sa tagboard)

When Tin-tin and Justin were in pre-school, they come home with this smiley. kids.

Now, it is Joshua s turn. We didn’t know that there were lots of smilies pala in school. Isa-isa silang ipinakilala sa amin ni Joshua.

First, he got this one...

This is tweety. You know tweety right? A very talkative birdie.

Second, he got this one...

This is a ghost. When you are not participating in the discussion as if you are not there, you are not visible, so you are a ghost.

Third, he got this one....

This is a scarecrow. The teacher is giving this when a child is playing rough. But Joshua said he was just playing with his classmates and he has no intention of hurting them while playing.

Joshua is only 5 years old , a big boy compared to his other classmates. So just imagine habang naglalaro sila eh mabangga nya yung kalaro eh di tumilapon este bumagsak. Syempre umiyak yung classmate kaya nagkaroon sya ng scarecrow.

Lately , he came home with this one.

This is a sad face.

Here is our conversation:

Me: Why you have sad face? What did you do in school?

Joshua: Mama, I do not know. I did not do anything.

Me: Ok. I will just call your teacher.

I talked to the teacher and she told me everything. Joshua was right. He did not do anything.

-He did not do his seatwork.
-He did not listen to the teacher.
-He did not solve his math problems.
-He did not do anything at all that day!

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