Apple of my Eyes

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Friends Forever?"

Friends Forever?

Before I was really desperate,
to be your friend at first.
But when I saw who you really were,
the bubble of friendship burst.

You said you were my friend,
your friendship led me on.
But when I asked you the truth,
you denied to the bones.

I was once with you,
you even invited me.
But then you just left me alone,
left me alone to weep.

Then I started to think,
why do I need you?
I’ve got other friends here,
and they listen to me, yes they do.

I hope it’s goodbye forever,
so I may never again be hurt.
Once more by your complaining voice,
yes, the bubble forever had burst.

By: Tin-tin

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Friday, January 18, 2008

What Would It Be Like?

i’d hate to leave this place
i know sadness would evoke
it’s lost in a cloud of smoke
my mind seems to be flying
as those birds soar the sky
what would it be like
if i never knew why?

yes, he’s an inspiration
though i think i need more
maybe he was all i needed
i was just being stupid all along
i’ve known this life
for almost 14 years
what would it be like
if i never shed a tear?

love at its highest
could do one much harm
life would be simpler
if they never had that charm
best friends leaving
your grades go suffering
what would it be like
if the devil wouldn’t be nearing?

i just can’t ignore it all
and pretend i never knew them
but i really have no choice
it’ll never be the same
i’d never be able to sleep at night
anything, i’d be willing to give
what would it be like
if i never had to…

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank You

Thank you

I think I’m missing something,
something I can’t understand.
I just hope I can figure it out,
but will you reach out and give me a hand?

I think it’s you I’m missing,
you’re a friend I never had.
You made me feel so happy,
it was something I just had to blab.

It never occurred t0 me,
that I might just lose you.
All that mattered t0 me was,
every m0ment I spent with y0u was true.

Friends are a big part of my life,
and y0u’re one of my best friends,
Which means you’re out of the ordinary,
you’ll still be when this lifetime ends.

S0metimes friendships fail,
even th0se true and loving ones,
But this time I’ll really make sure that,
the friendship that w0n’t fail is this one.

I considered you my enemy,
when I saw you with other friends,
I guess I was just a little jealous,
I never thought of y0u as a loving friend.

By: Tin-tin

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

The first time I laid eyes on you,
I knew was a connection.
Something that I would probably feel,
towards that one special person.

I couldn’t talk to you in public,
especially in front of all the girls.
I couldn’t get near you that moment,
what on earth could be worse?

I had many crushes before,
I always felt the same with them.
But when destiny let our paths be crossed,
it was never the same again.

I knew there wasn’t such a thing,
as they say ‘Love at First Sight’.
But when I first saw you,
I knew, somehow, it could be right.

I hope we can meet someday,
when I may find you out of the blue.
But for now, all I can say is,
how special you are to me, I Love You.

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