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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair Rebond

Mula noong magsimula si tin-tin na maging conscious sa kanyang physical looks naging problema na nya ang kanyang medyo natural curly hair. Napakahirap nga namang ayusin lalo sa umaga pagkatapos maligo, madalas wala ng time para magpatuyo at papasok sa school na basa pa ang buhok. Pag natuyo sa school asahan mo na iba-iba ang direksyon ng kanyang buhok.

Noong umuwi kami sa pinas, unang-una na nasa listahan nya ay ang pagpapa straight ng kanyang buhok. Kaya ilang araw pa lang kami ay nagpadala na agad sya sa david's salon. Almost 6 hours pala ang itatagal ng rebond kaya lang dahil desidido eh di ok lang sa kanya. At ang presyo, nalula yata ako sa P5000 na rebond...hehehe. Buti na lang straight ang hair ko at lalaki si Josh and Justin kaya di kailangan ng rebond.
After ng 6 hours na sakit daw sa kakahila at kakaplantsa ng buhok (iniwan ko kasi sya sa salon kasama si mil) natapos din. Tuwang-tuwa naman sya sa resulta dahil yung dating gusot na buhok ay naging deretso, malambot at shiny. Hindi sya nagbasa ng hair for 3 days, bawal daw. Then shampoo lang sya ng 3 times a week at may inilalagay na parang hot oil maintenance daw. Bawal daw itali o ipitin , kahit pony tail man lang , bawal!

See the result? Ok di ba?

Pagdating dito sa ksa at nagsimula na ang pasukan, gusto raw nyang maging officer sa CAT pagdating ng 4th year (3rd year na sya ngayon). Sabi ko sige join sya, kinabukasan wag na lang daw kasi bawal daw ang nakalugay ang buhok sa training, dapat nakatali. Imagine that! Dahil lang sa bagong rebond na hair ayaw na. After 3 days, sali na raw sya ok lang kahit mag-ipit ng hair kasi kung sakali ay sya lang daw maiiwan sa barkada nya na hindi sasali sa training. Pag kumulot daw ulit hair nya eh di pa rebond na lang ulit..what? another P5000?

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Summer in France

It’s already summer and my kids want something new this time. They want to visit France and explore the beautiful beaches and resorts in the area. We are planning to rent a private apartment in Brest and experience the summer there.

While we were busy preparing for this summer trip I received a call from a friend who’s already in France and enjoying her vacation there with the whole family. She’s convincing me to explore rural brittany from a villa.

My daughter said she found some cheap private villas in Lorient while surfing the net and she wants me to check it out first.

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Elvis's Memorabilia

I was watching a documentary show last night about some persons who have a great love in collecting memorabilia items whether old or new. Some say it is just for fun, other are some kind of an avid fan like a die hard fan of Elvis Presley. I read an article about a woman who spent half of her life collecting, buying and keeping Elvis Presley’s pictures and songs. She even spent thousand of dollars just to buy Elvis’s personal things at the auction sale.

Others collect coins from different countries. They spent money for these hobbies. I know someone who collects stamps from different countries. Paste and put them in a nice folder and keep them safe.

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Monday, July 21, 2008


This would be our second visit to France and one of the best trips my husband and I had ever taken. It was kind of a package arrangement, an exciting deal and saved us time from searching for cheap but decent hotels.

Our accommodation in Hotel Paris was cozy, bright, clean, and comfortable. The hotel we chose was very well located, a significant walking distance from major city attractions, yet easily accessible by any transport. Service in general was excellent, and served a great breakfast each day. It is very commendable.
Of course, what is a trip without a camera? I consider our France photos as one of the nicest photos we’ve taken. The beautiful places, scenes and historical museum are great attractions for tourists like us.

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Friday, July 18, 2008


My sons have been into sports just recently, when I told them that it would be for their better health. Now, they have a lot of sports that they both like. My elder son involves more in basketball, while the younger one likes soccer better.

I know they are going to be in good shape so I don’t regret signing them up for any of the sports they now get active in. My first son wanted to get into hockey, but he still doesn’t have the skills, I told him. So now, his goal is to be able to play hockey and train for it.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

It's Justin's birthday. He doesn't want to have a party. "Ma, I'm old enough for parties." Ayaw eh kaya di na namin pinilit.

After school kumain na lang kami sa Fridays.

Josh tried their electric lemonade, sprite lang pala na nilagyan ng lemon at kinulayan....hehehe

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The XBox 360 attracted our attentions. Despite the price, it has really good features that makes it worth it. One of these is the wireless controller that is compatible with the console. There is also a headset that you can use during your play time. This is why my brother spends a lot of time sitting in front of the television screen with a controller in hand, poking furiously at the buttons.

I’d give it a try some time, maybe I wouldn’t be sorry. Besides, my daughter said it was great and she enjoyed it as well as my sons did.

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Nintendo Wii

Recently, my son asked for a gift for his 10th birthday. I asked him what his mind was set at. He told me that, if possible, he wanted a game console. He just couldn’t decide between an XBox 360 or a PS3. I suggested a Nintendo Wii.

We researched about it in the internet before fully deciding. Between the three, he is still undecided, but hopefully, we will be able to purchase one of the three soon. We considered a lot of the options because all three are bestsellers nowadays. It was hard since they all hade good qualities and features.

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Stylish Eyeglasses

I heard my daughter yelling, “Ma, come! Zennie Optical was on FOX news! She was telling me few weeks ago about these incredible stylish new frames from Zenni. She saw these at Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses while browsing the net about the current styles of frames.

I checked the website and she was right. Different stylish frames are available at cheaper price. I told her to look for the color and style that fits her and I will place the order as soon as possible.

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Kalamay sa Kawayan


Hindi ko kasi alam ang tawag dyan sa kalamay na yan na nadaanan namin after namin mamasyal sa Baluarte ni Singson sa Ilocos. Napabili kami dahil pagtapat namin ay biglang nagbasag ng isang kawayan yung nagtitinda. Akala ko kasi nung una ay yung mga paninda ng mga ita sa porac at angeles na flute. Na curious kami sa lasa ng kalamay sa loob at kung paano napasok doon yung kalamay.

Doon pala yun mismo niluluto sa kawayan at disposable yung lalagyan. Price is P25/each, mura di ba? Kaya lang parang sayang naman yung lalagyan. Masarap sya at pagpunta nyo ng Ilocos don't forget to taste this "kalamay sa kawayan."

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Home Loan

Few months after our wedding, we decided to buy a house of our own. I am tired of renting an apartment. I told this to my husband and he agreed to my plan. At first I thought of lending money from a financing institution. But when I received the price quotation I had a second thought because of the higher interest rate. We waited patiently for the right offer at the right time.

A friend told us about his cousin’s plan of selling their ancestral house in the province. We bought the old house at a very reasonable price . We grabbed the opportunity because the owner will go abroad and really needed the money. They asked even half of the price on the selling date and the balance after 2 months. We even asked some friends for financial help to complete the total amount to be paid for the house. My husband suggested a home loan so we can settle all our financial obligations on time.

We just noticed recently that the house needed some minor renovations. We are expecting cash from our parents in the next coming months but the repair must be done before summer ends. So we decided to avail home loan at reasonable interest rates.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Car

My daughter gets envious everytime she sees young girls driving their own cars. She’s always telling me when I am going to buy her one. I told her there are so many things to consider when buying a car. At her age now, having a new car is just for fun or simply show off and not a necessity.

Another reason is road accidents. My husband said that’s why there are insurance companies offering insurance policy in case of accidents. Whether personal insurance or third party insurance, both parties are secured. It just depends on what kind of insurance policy you are going to acquire.

Without telling my daughter I already talked to my husband about this matter and we are considering the idea of acquiring one for her. I am just looking for a car that will fit her personality. I also need to consider other matters like car insurance, car’s accessories and many more. Although I already checked some sites about auto insurance online and read about their requirements on car insurance. I learned that there are cars with expensive insurance because they are prone to theft. Anyway, some car insurance companies are giving tips and guides on what kind of car is least expensive to insure.

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I heard about this quick cash loan from a friend few months ago. I didn’t give much attention because I don’t have cash shortage that time. I never thought that I will need the service of a cash loan company someday. I have a smooth cash flow since I started with my small business. My clients were paying, all checks issued were paid on time, and my liabilities from suppliers were also paid on time.

But, not all businesses are lucky enough to have good transactions at all times. There are inconsiderate people who will try to put you down. My goods were hold by some custom officials and will take few more weeks before clearing them. I need to deliver them on time so the clients will pay me and I will pay the suppliers too. As expected, I failed to accomplish what was in the contract of selling and the client did not pay me. I already issued a post dated check to the supplier and I don’t have enough cash for that check.

I hurriedly phoned my friend and asked about this cash loan she mentioned to me few months ago. After complying with all the needed requirements of the company I got the loan and settled all my obligations with all the suppliers.


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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Congo Rice

Kumain kami ni kd sa Congo Grill noong nasa Pinas kami. Wala naman kasi ditong branch ang Congo kaya hindi kami familar sa menu nila. Na curious lang ako sa napakaitim na rice na order sa kabilang table kaya sabi ni kd ay subukan namin. Para kasing sarap-na sarap yung mga kumakain sa kabila.
Ito pala yung congo rice nila, kung hindi ko nakita yung mga calamares na toppings sa rice ay hindi ko maiisip na yung parang black ink pala ng pusit ang ginamit para pang kulay sa rice. Masarap naman sya kaya lang problema dapat after mo kumain ay mag toothbrush ka…hehehe. Wala naman kaming dala dahil namasyal lang kami sa mall. Kahit mag gargle ka pa talagang mangingitim yung ngipin mo.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket

My husband loves to watch sports shows on TV specially the NFL games.

Last month he invited his friends over to our house to watch the games between their favorite leagues. However when the show is about to start the TV reception becomes bad. My husband and his friends tried to fix the TV but no luck.

One of his friends recommends subscribing to DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket. He was told that with NFL Sunday Ticket his friend was able to watch all his favorite games every Sunday without any trouble. My husband subscribed to NFL TV Package right away and he and his friends enjoy watching the NFL games once more.

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