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Monday, March 31, 2008

Payday Loan

One of our family friends here will migrate in Canada next month and they will stay there for good. They’ve been our closest neighbor and friends since we live in this apartment. We are planning to organize a despedida party for them next week. We will also buy something valuable for them to remember us always. Almost everybody agreed on the amount we are going to contribute for the party and for the gift except for Melanie and Carol.

We all know that they are currently having problem with their company. Their salary was already 2 months delayed. But the company promises them the pay check at the end of this month. I told them to try applying for a payday loans. I already tried this cash advance loan so many times. It really helps me a lot especially during salary delay. Anyway, nobody will know except me that they avail this payday loan because the company assures them of confidentiality.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


I enjoy blogging the way I enjoy interacting with friends online. While doing my usual rounds from blog to blog I noticed that some bloggers shift to paid posts. I was just curious then on how they earn money out of blogging.

I searched on why bloggers now are addicted to sponsored post. I came across to some sites offering sponsored post. One of them is bloggerwave. I tried to apply out of curiosity and surprised when I received an email stating that my blog was accepted. I received my very first assignment and looking forward for more.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Camelback Display

Trade show exhibits lure people to pay attention to them. This type of advertising is popular among new products. There are a lot of lights that make them stand out and even banners add to its popularity.

Table covers that blend with the background and design of the advertised products help the people look at it and be interested in what it might be about. Tablecloths have different sizes, colors and designs. You can add the logo of what you want when you buy the equipment.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cell Phones

I bought a brand new Nokia cell phone last month, as far as I knew it was really brand new because that was the seller told me. It was securely packed in a box with complete accessories. After about two weeks, the phone didn’t want to send messages so I brought it to the service center. They told me that my cell phone was not really brand new. I went to the store where I bought the cell phone but it was already closed. Neighboring stores said the owner is now in jail because of smuggled cell phones. Now, I’ve learned my lesson. I will not buy anything valuable if I am not sure with the quality of the product and the credibility of the seller.

A friend referred me to imobileplaza , an online store of quality cell phones. All well known brands are available like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung. My friend is a regular costumer of this store and she assured me of the quality of the products and satisfying service. Because of the competitive price of their cell phones, no wonder they are now the leading cell phone retailer and wholesaler.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Krakow hotels reservations

A place to stay should be the first thing to think about when planning a trip to another place. Hotel guides are one thing, but one should make sure whether his or her target hotel has available rooms to fit the size of the family and serve well in day to day travels around the place. Usually, the purpose of the person who would be staying in the hotel is to explore the surroundings and appreciate the sights and tourist spots.

There are plenty of hotels in Krakow that can accommodate you very well. There are also hotels ranging from 2-star to 5-star that have excellent service and have walking distances to the target places to visit. By going to, they provide discounted hotel reservations in Lisbon and you can search the hotels by availability by entering the days you’d be staying and the number of people to rent that particular hotel room.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Web Hosting

I encouraged a friend of mine to try blogging and she asked that I help create her very own blog. She started her blog with the available free hosting site. During the past few months, she says that she's enjoyed blogging. Despite her positive comments, she told me that the only problem with free hosting is the limited space allowed and the difficulties when one logs in.

i told her to try paid web hosting and gave her the web hosting I know of except for the one I have a contract with now. I chose not to recommend my current host with her because it's giving me a headache right now. Most of the time, i can't log in. The worst that I experienced was when the web hosting program was hacked. We didn't have access to it for weeks and it was really frustrating.I promised myself that I would never create a contract with them if this current one expires.

She mentioned a reliable web hosting she heard from a co-blogger.We visited the site and checked. With the good feedback and comments from clients of this website, my friend was convinced and applied for a web hosting.

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Students on Property Ladder

House mortgages are now encouraged among college students who live away from home in order for them to have some proper housing accommodations. My daughter recently got to college and we asked her if she would prefer to secure a housing mortgage than living in a dorm.

My friend’s daughter who’s in college now avails the housing rent to own offered by a nearby condominium unit. She then asked two of her schoolmates to join her since the place is too big for her alone.

These new offers make a student’s life a little bit easier because they don’t worry about a place to stay during their college life. They let the students loan the money to buy the housing until they can pay it off. But we, as parents, help her ensure the mortgage/ loan she gets.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

PSP Games

My children like PSP games. Though if you would go out, you’d notice that they aren’t the cheapest things. The cost about SR120 (32USD). We only have 3 UMD games for the PSP. But we found out that you can upgrade the memory card so it can be filled with games.

The 4 GB memory card cost SR280 but it can contain up to 15 games depending on the space the game can take up. Aside from games, PSPs have a lot of accessories and upgrades. You can now buy a camera for 280 SR and it can be connected to the USB port of the portable gadget.

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We recently found out that we have termites at home. They feed on the furniture and the doors in our house. Desperate to put a stop to this, I searched for ways to kill termites and I found the online Termites Guide. It helped me a lot in preventing the spread of termites in our house.

Now, I recommend others to get termite bond when they purchase a house. This way, you can be sure that your home remains safe from termites.

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Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling or better known as the best-selling author the Harry Potter series, has done a good job on pleasing her readers. Though the last of the series in now out in markets, people are still waiting for the sixth and seventh films to be released in movie theaters. This display of admiration is enough to make one see that she truly is a great writer and deserves all that she will reap.

I have been a fan of Harry Potter myself. I have all her books and all the movies out on DVD. I’m a fan and I’m not afraid to say it, because I know there are still a lot of bashers out there who don’t like her work and think that it’s just a waste of time.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ipod Skins

My iPod is pink and I’m kind of getting tired of seeing the color everyday since I listen to music frequently. I thought that maybe iPod skins can solve the problem. That way I can personalize my iPod along with my cell phone too. These are stickers that are advantageous for making your iPod or any gadget colorful and scratch-free, at least on the paint. I can put stickers with me and my friends on it, or one with my favorite basketball team, or just a picture of my favorite singer.

Now, I’m not getting tired of the design. In fact, my friends always ask me where they could get one of theirs. I recommended the site I got it from. Now, their phones and iPods have different designs instead of the usual plain colors we see. Now, even my laptop has a picture of my favorite band and me.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Car Insurance

After two years of hard work and saving about 20% of my salary, I was able to buy a new car. It’s a dream come true for an ordinary employee like me. First thing I did was to buy an insurance policy for my brand new car. I availed this collision and body injury coverage among the car insurance quotes I received.

I remember my experience with my old car a year ago. I bought a second hand car from a friend. It also had insurance policy at that time. When the insurance expired I did not bother to renew it because I thought it was not worth to spend a huge amount for a second hand car like mine. But even you are the most careful driver in the city we all know that accidents are inevitable. I was hit by a reckless driver and my car was wrecked. The sad thing was that the car that hit me also had expired insurance. At the same time, the driver was jobless and said he was willing to go in prison but can’t afford to pay for the repair of my car.

I learned my lesson from this experience that’s why when a good friend of mine bought his car I told him to secure car insurance right away.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grocery Shopping Secrets

If you're following the South Beach Diet®, you're shopping for lots of fresh, nutritious foods. To get through the grocery store in a timely fashion, stick to the perimeter of the store — it's where you'll find fresh dairy, produce, meat, poultry, and fish. Most of the aisles in between have packaged goods, such as crackers, cookies, canned soups and vegetables, juices, etc. For more specific information on getting through the grocery store, check out our handy tips, below. (Unless noted, you can enjoy the following items on every Phase of The South Beach Diet™.) .

* Produce.
Load your cart with a variety of fresh, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich vegetables, like spinach, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots (Phase 2), and peppers. Beginning in Phase 2, stock up on fresh fruits, too, including apples, oranges, mangoes, pomegranates, melons, and berries.
* Dairy. There are many items to choose from in the dairy aisle. For instance, eggs, part-skim ricotta cheese, and low-fat cheese are all considered excellent lean protein choices on the South Beach Diet®. Low-fat and fat-free milk count toward your daily dairy requirement (two servings per day on Phase 1; up to three per day thereafter), as do low-fat and nonfat plain yogurt and artificially sweetened low-fat and fat-free yogurt (beginning on Phase 2). You can also find unsweetened or artificially sweetened soy milk (choose only those containing 4 grams of fat or less per 8-ounce serving) in the dairy aisle.
* Meats/Fish/Poultry. Focus your attention on lean cuts of beef and poultry, which include eye of round, ground beef (sirloin, lean, and extra-lean), tenderloin, top loin, and top round, as well as turkey and chicken breast, pork loin and pork tenderloin. Fish and shellfish are also good choices. Get to know your fishmonger — you should aim to eat fish four times a week. (Limit consumption of types of fish that contain high levels of methylmercury, including shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish.)
* Frozen Foods. The frozen aisle offers quick-to-cook vegetables — perfect if you're up against the clock. You can also find soy-based meat alternatives in the freezer section. Look for those that contain less than 6 grams of fat per 2- to 3-ounce servings. If you have a sweet tooth, try frozen fudge bars with no added sugar.
* Miscellaneous. Other foods to seek out from the middle of the store: nuts (avoid honey-roasted or sweetened varieties), canned light tuna fish, extra-virgin olive oil, sugar-free gelatin, vegetable juice cocktail or tomato juice, sugar-free diet sodas, and sugar-free drink mixes. Beginning in Phase 2, you can also stock up on whole-grain breads and crackers, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and low-sugar, high-fiber whole-grain cereals.

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Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are effective for decorating, from houses and Christmas wreaths to flowers and wedding gowns. Our Christmas trees are sparkling with crystals aside from the blinking Christmas lights hanging from every branch.
Recently, we attended a wedding of one of my closest cousins. As she walked up the aisle, her sparkling gown was impossible not to notice. The Swarovski crystals, as she told me during the reception, were attached to the gown and I must say that they did a very good job. Even the flowers on the vases in the middle of every table had a Swarovski crystal sparkling on almost every petal and leaf. I really understand why people appreciate the beauty it gives to people who need it. These miniscule shiny rocks contribute a lot to making something look good for a special occasion.

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Visiting Barcelona

My daughter is currently taking up a masteral degree in Spain. This year, instead of it would be her to visit us here in the Philippines, we finally decided that we would be the one to travel to Spain this time. Since she only lives in a dorm, it would be impossible for us to stay in with her. She advised us to book ourselves in one of the cheap Spain hotels near her residence and she would be the one to move in for a while so we could spend the vacation together.

There are a lot of cheap hotels in Barcelona to choose from, to be closer to tourist spots. Though, cheap Madrid hotels and cheap Costa Del Sol hotels are good choice, we took into consideration cheap Alicante hotels too. We've made our decision and we would stay in Barcelona for the trip. We're getting ready to leave next week. We really hope that our reservation in cheaper hotels can affect greatly to our budget. Of course, so we can buy souvenirs.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

UK Wedding

My sister will be marrying her fiancé next month in UK. They met on the net thru an online internet forum. They had intimate chat that led to serious relationship. The boyfriend requested a wedding in UK because his parents are too old to travel in our country to attend the ceremony. He sent us money for the plane tickets to guarantee our attendance. We were scheduled to go in UK a week before the wedding.

My sister said we can’t stay in their place because there’s no space for transient. His fiancé is currently staying in a condo unit and the place is too small to accommodate all of us. We decided to look for a cheaper but decent place to stay in. Our travel agent recommended London Hotels Centre and Blackpool Hotels among the best but cheaper hotels in town. But these are far from the wedding site, so we also consider Cheap Belfast Hotels and Cheap Cardiff Hotels among our choices. All these hotels offer competitive rates to travelers. I am about to confirm our reservation when my sister called and inform us to go directly to Cheap Hotels in Leeds because her fiancé already booked us there. It’s the nearest hotel on the wedding site aside from the cheaper rate the hotel offered.

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Cash Advance

My mom is an overseas contract worker in the Middle East. She used to send me gifts during important occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and so on. Few weeks before my birthday I asked her not to send gifts anymore I want some cash this time. I will treat my friends to a videoke bar and have some drink. My friends were very excited upon knowing that we'll have a great time on my birthday.

Unfortunately, two weeks before my birthday I received a call from mom that she can't send me money. Her boss was hospitalized because of heart attack and they didn't receive their salary that particular month. What will happen to my birthday? It is embarrassing to inform my friends one by one that my birthday treat will be moved or even cancelled.

I told this to my landlady hoping that maybe she can extend me some financial help, instead she mentioned about this payday cash advance. She’s been a regular client of this payday loan.

It’s been a happy and memorable birthday for me. My friends didn’t know that the money I spent was from a payday loan. Thanks to payday loan for saving me to an embarrassing situation. Anyway my mom promised to send me money this coming month so I avail that cash advance opportunity right away.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


I used to address all my mails in the office even personal or business mails. Being so emotional, it affects my mood when I received personal letters which contain bad or sad news from my family back home. So I decided to segregate my personal mails from business mails.

I saw my neighbor's elegant mailbox the other day. My neighbor is always out of town due to the nature of his work. All his letters kept inside the mailbox and he's not even worried of letter theft. I asked him where he bought it. He said he just ordered online. I checked the website and saw different kinds of mailboxes.Of all the models and designs I've seen I like most the wall-mounted mailboxes and the locking insert option to keep my letters safe. Aside from the affordable prices they offer to all their mailboxes, where can you find a warranty that covers even damages made by others.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was about to go on my annual vacation this coming month. I already made an early booking to the hotel where I will stay during my vacation. I am expecting my vacation allowance from the company a week before my flight. But I received a call from our company secretary saying my allowance won’t be released until next week because our check signatories were stranded in the province.

I need to do something because my down payment to the hotel will forfeit if I don’t come on time.Our secretary whispered something; she said she knew someone who can help me solve my financial problem. She can assist me to avail an emergency loan. This loan will help me to pursue my plan. I took the loan even at higher interest anyway she’ll take care of the payment once my check is ready to encash.

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After I signed-up with I started receiving daily emails from the website. I heard from friends that this will help me promote my blog and increase traffic. Aside from the opportunity of earning money with buzzfuse.

Buzzfuse is sending daily emails to all registered bloggers recommending top 10 bloggers to visit. I find them helpful specially when I run out of topic to discuss in my blog.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green Planet Health

I met my friend’s grandparents during one of my business trips in Europe. I was surprised to see them still active at that age. We had a little chat and I took the opportunity to ask them why they still look young and healthy. Because right now I am suffering from occasional back pain due to my recent epidural delivery. My doctor said I need to take some calcium supplements to protect my bones.

They both smiled and said it’s because of Green Planet Health. These are local organic and natural produce. They have a variety of products to suit for everyday diets. According to them, they enjoy the benefits and discounts for being members of Green Planet health.

That night, I searched for the Green Planet Health website to look for suitable calcium supplements I needed. I also signed-up to be a member to avail of their 15% discount on all their products and to enjoy more special promotion offers.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Discount Magazine Subscriptions - Save big!

I got this idea from Ghee. I saw it in her blog and asked her how to do it. When Joshua saw his picture on the magazine cover he asks for more.haha! Justin thought these are real and ask where we can buy a copy...hehehe.

Tin2 said "Who do you think will buy those magazines if you were the cover?" I said, I will even buy a dozen copies, syempre love your own.

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Keep it Clean and Natural with Veriuni

I gave birth to my lovely daughter 10 months ago. She’s very active and crawls everywhere in the house. She’ll put anything she holds straight to her mouth. I don’t worry that much because I see to it that our carpet is really clean. I just noticed recently that she’s starting to develop skin rashes. The doctor said I should not let her crawl in the carpet or if that’s can’t be avoided I should check the carpet cleaner I am presently using. It might contain high chemical solution. The doctor advised me to change the brand of the cleaner I am presently using.

I heard about this Keep it Clean and Natural with Veriuni. A variety of cleaning products with vigorous cleaning action that is environmentally friendly and safe. They contain all natural ingredients unlike traditional cleaners with high toxins and dangerous to health. So with this Keep it clean and natural with Veruini campaign I’m not worried to the harm of inhalation or ingestion because Veruini products use only citrus based oil, no dyes or pesticide residue. They are highly recommended by doctors and other health agents.For a healthy life start with keep it clean and natural with veruini products.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Domain Name

Our company decided to go online selling. Our stockholders have seen the internet as the best place to increase our sales. Our target market place won’t be limited this time. But first we need to establish our product and company name creation. A company name contributes much on the success of a certain business.

After creating a unique name you should go to the next step, it’s the domain name registration. Once you already have your own domain name, you will be easily searched and this will be the start of good business transactions from buyers. Another way of increasing sales is the optimization of the name value. This will help you introduce your product globally. With these actions, expect a good and fast return of your investment.

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Peltier Cooler

The entire medical health department is scheduled to undergo three days medical training. This is a free seminar sponsored by the Department of Health to keep medical people updated with the modern changes of science. The training includes seminars, actual demonstrations of medical equipments and introduction to some modern laboratory equipments. Everyone is interested to join.

During the three day seminar with the doctors, we visited some of their modern equipped laboratories. Scientific instruments such as Peltier cooler, incubators, digital and programmable hot plates and stirring hot plates were just some of their modern lab equipments. Upon seeing all these scientific equipments, our resident doctor makes an appeal to our accounting department to put into consideration the upgrading of all our laboratory equipments.

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Probate Attorney

My friend worked abroad and earned enough to buy some investments back home. He named almost all his real estate properties to his mother. When the mother died, other siblings were all greedy to take part of the properties left. The siblings are now fighting who should own the inheritance.

I’ve told him before to seek the help of a probate attorney who will prepare his mother’s last will and testament. All things must be put in a clear contract with the guidance and assistance of a professional lawyer. Now, their family feud became worse. They even sued each other in court.

I recommend him a san francisco probate attorney to hold this case. Only professional probate attorney can help him settle this dispute between his siblings. Planning for the future is just practical. To avoid misunderstanding and complication among the heirs, things should be done legally with the experts and proper authorities.

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Virtual Assistants

Our company is always busy during tax season. Almost all our employees are complaining of too much paper works. The accounting department is the busiest department in our office. We want to hire more employees but only during tax season. The problem is who will accept a job without an assurance of being hired permanently?

One of our clients suggested why not look for some virtual assistants to hire. They are the right people for the job. They can do bookkeeping, monthly statements, writing reports, internet research and data management. The best thing with virtual assistants is that the company is not responsible for employee package benefits which are normally given to regular employees.

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Probate Loan

I grew up in a small town with my mom as my only relative I knew. I heard from our neighbor that I was the result of an illicit affair my mom had with my biological father. I didn't ask mom about it because I wanted to respect her feelings.

When I was about to enter college, we received a telephone call from someone who introduced himself as my father's legal counsel. We learned from him that my father died of heart attack and left an inheritance to all his children whether legal or illegitimate. The attorney said I am entitled to have an equal share of my father's inheritance but I need to prove first that I am his child. I need to undergo DNA test at my expense.

I don't have enough money for the DNA testing. My mom said maybe a probate loan can help me. A company that provides cash advances to heirs in probate.

When I received the result of my DNA test, I submitted it to my father's legal counsel and immediately awarded to me my shares.

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Computer Drawers

Our purchasing officer announces an open bidding to all our computer accessories suppliers. As per our department head recommendation, some of our computer tables, keyboard trays, computer mouse and monitors need to be replaced as soon as possible.

We received a lot of quotations from qualified suppliers. Pricelist, pictures and features of computer accessories were forwarded to our entire computer department. Employees were given the privilege to choose which accessories they prefer. Majority of them chose this high-end keyboard drawer which according to them will protect them from CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A kind of disorder wherein a feeling of numbness in the hand and wrist, pain and weakness up to the arm.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Luxury Condos

Our monthly sales representative's meeting was scheduled today. I heard that our manager is very happy and satisfied with the increase in sales for these past few months. Many investors are now interested on the best offer and services our company is willing to give. Almost all our real estate properties on sale are booming particularly the commercial, retail and high-end residential real estate in Monmouth Country.

I also noticed with the recent sales report that investors like most the oceanfront luxury condos and waterfront homes. These particular sites attract most of the buyers. The responsibility of the company does not end after or during the sale because it offers real estate and marketing consultation to developers.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Long Lost Friend

A good friend of mine decided to go abroad for so many reasons. It is not primarily because he needed the job offerred to him. When we were in highschool, he always tell me about his father scolding him without apparent reason. Embarrassed him in front of friends and relatives. Physically abused him by beating with a metal belt. His mom loves him very much but can’t do anything to protect him.

Deep inside he knew what was the reason behind this. His father was very much disappointed because he is gay. He is the only boy out of 5 siblings and turned out to be a gay. His father can’t accept the fact that aside from his gender abnormality he’s still a normal person .

After three long years of hiding and living independently, away from his father’s sight. He came home with someone special in his heart. He said he is now a member of a community where gay dating and lesbian dating is acceptable. A group of people who understand each other. People who won't judge you for being homosexual. I can see the happiness and satisfaction in his face. I am very happy for my friend now that he found his space on earth.

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Car Insurance

When I bought a second hand car last year I decided not to buy an insurance policy. My friend told me to buy insurance for my car. I find it not practical because my car is not a brand new anyway. Besides, I am not a careless driver. I never met any road accidents since I started driving. But we all know that accidents are inevitable. My car parked at the malls parking area when a big truck hit it... Luckily, I was not inside the car that time. The truck driver fled away and never came back. My car was seriously damaged and I have no choice but to shoulder all the expenses incurred.

That was a month before year ends. I promised to myself that I will buy insurance before year ends. But another tragedy was on my way. I was hit again by a reckless driver. The driver was drunk and we’re both hospitalized because of that accident. Sad thing was the driver who hit me had car insurance but already expired 2 weeks before the accident. He paid for our hospital bill and that’s all he got. He said he’s jobless and can’t pay for the repair of my car. What happened became a big lesson for me. Just before I took my car at the repair shop I bought car insurance right away.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What is Caviar?

My kids saw this black caviar in the supermarket and asked me to buy a small bottle. I knew that they will not likely to eat this fish eggs but to satisfy their curiosity I bought one.

I told them that caviar are unfertilized eggs of sturgeon (fish) brined with a salt solution. As expected, they did not eat this expensive delicacy. Josh said it’s like “bagoong” a salty pasted shrimps used as side dish for “kare-kare.”

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We were invited for a house warming last weekend. The house is simple but elegant looking. While the pastor was saying prayers for the house warming I was then busy staring and admiring the interior decoration of the house. Curtains and wall paper match with the color of the paint used. And what really caught my attention were the beds in each room. The interior decorator used a color and motif design to match the design of the bed with the carpet and wall paper. The beds are combination of modern and antique designs but match with the elegance of the house.

I can't help but inquire on where they bought those furnitures particularly those beds and mattresses. We are moving to our new house next month. She gave me the website of the company so I could have an idea about the kind of bed I will buy. I was amazed with the different designs of beds specially the memory foam mattress. My kids love the memory foam mattresses with matching memory foam pillows.

I ordered three beds for my kids and one wooden bed for the master's bedroom. I prefer to use the latter because I always have this back pain since I gave birth to my youngest thru epidural delivery.

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Starbucks Cafe

My husband and I went to Starbucks Cafe to have a morning coffee one early Friday morning. Kids were still sleeping then because it's weekend. I am not a coffee drinker but I finished my cup of coffee because of the amount I paid...hehehe. In fairness I like the smell and taste of their coffee. Also the good ambiance inside the family room of the coffee shop, as if you're in your own breakfast table.

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Promoting a Product

Every time I go to the supermarket to buy some kitchen utensils, I always see this vegetable cutter displayed on the shelf but I just ignored it. For me it was not useful because I used to cut vegetables with the use of a knife. Although I heard about the brand and quality of that vegetable cutter.

Just last week, I saw group of people surrounding a small table, staring and listening to someone who talked about something. I saw lots of vegetables cut in different shapes on the table. I saw the familiar vegetable cutter I used to see on the shelf. The salesman was explaining the uses of the cutter, its quality and how dependable it is. A good helper in the kitchen and how kids love to eat potato fries in different shapes. I stopped for a while and joined the crowd watching and listening to what the salesman was saying.

After about 5 minutes I was convinced to buy the vegetable cutter. Not only me but almost all the people in the crowd bought the vegetable cutter being promoted by the talkative salesman. I heard from a fellow kababayan that the salesman was trained with this telemarketing technique to attract costumers. So even a product is already out of the market for a long period of time, it is a not a guarantee that it will be a blast to buyers. It still needs promotion from well-trained people who help in marketing the product.

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Fish and Tofu Vegetables

I found this vegetable recipe at Connie’s food blog last year. I remember it was Lenten season and I’m looking for some vegetarian food as part of our fasting. I saw this tofu and vegetable recipe and tried it at home. My husband and my kids just loved it. So I included it on my menu for catering business. This is best for Lenten because it’s a non-meat recipe.

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Commercial Mortgages

When my father died, he left a big parcel of farmland. It is a part of our inheritance. The land is too big and we can't find buyer that will buy it as a whole. Our legal counsel suggests we must subdivide the land first before we can sell it. I don't have enough money right now to be use for the expenses in subdividing the property. I tried to inquire for a loan in a bank. The bank staff said it will take a long period of time for processing and credit investigation. And still they can't give me an assurance of approval in the long run.

I already have buyers of the land but they want it subdivided first. I have to do something. My attorney said he knew someone who can help me. According to him one of his clients almost had bankruptcy because of cash mismanagement. He advised me to apply for commercial mortgages. This will help me finance subdividing the land until I sell the property. At a very affordable price they will help me recover from difficulties in my cash flow.

After few months, I already sold all my subdivided farmland. I have enough money to venture into other business. I am really thankful that I have known about these commercial mortgages.

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Joshua's Corner

Joshua: Ma, are you going to get angry if I have 2 or 3 mistakes?

Me: Of course not but I'll be sad.

Joshua: Ok. Promise I will do my best. (After the exams, the test papers arrived. )

Me: Josh, why like this? (I was holding the paper)

Joshua: Mama, you told me it's ok if I only have 2 or 3 mistakes.

Me: Yes, I said that… but not in every page.

(Waaahhhh..we didn’t understand each other.) The next day, he handed he a test paper

Joshua: Mama, look It's perfect. (I was shocked and I kissed him in the cheek. I asked him what toy he liked. He told me to wait and he’d think about it.)
Justin: Ma, have you seen my test paper in English?

Me: Not yet. Where is it? Justin: Josh, where's my test paper? Joshua: I gave it to Mama. Me: Josh, you told me it's yours.

Joshua: No, I did not tell that. I only said "look it's perfect."

I looked at the paper he gave me a while ago. I glanced at the name, waaahhh… It’s Justin’s. I didn’t see the name!

After the examination we had a deal that if they had a perfect exam, they’d get a reward. But with Joshua, it’s a different policy. If he had a high score in any quiz, he’d get a toy. Cause if we’d wait for him to get a perfect score before buyign him one, they’d be all out of toys in the market in the time that would happen.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008


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We were planning a trip to Rome the other week and almost decided. But then, the fact that we had no place to stay hit us like a ton of bricks. I heard so much about Rome and the wonderful tourist hot spots and I just had to visit them. Desperately, I searched for help. As in, knowing where to find accommodations for tourists. I found this website and saw what they had to say, and immediately took their word for it. Since, I saw the Rome hotels by availability section, I had to check it out. It interested me deeply. I had my parents check it out as well. They were both interested and this became our guide to completing our plans for a vacation. We finally found a hotel suited for the size of our family.

I also did a research in the different tourist spots and I’m impressed. Which made me want to go there even more. I even saw the available transportation they had. Aside from temporary hotels, there were even apartments which had excellent accommodations. Mauro and Paola claim to be the Italy experts and I totally agree with them I’d give them triple thumbs-up, even. They have the information any Rome-tripper wannabe would need to have an excellent visit.

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Wine Racks

I can’t even remember the times wine bottles in our kitchen counter would be hit accidentally by my brothers and the next thing I’d see would be tiny shards of glass on the floor and I’d be told to get a clean rag and mop up the mess my brothers made. Talk about unfair. Even my parents get tired of this never-ending ritual of ours. That’s when they decided that we need some kind of a cabinet for our wine bottles which they only use for special occasions. It would be impossible to put them in our cabinets containing our stocks of groceries.

I tried to search wine racks on the Internet and this site caught my attention. It caught my parents’ as well. I can gladly (and thankfully) say that the number of bottle-breaking has lessened a lot. Besides, my brothers know better than to try and break another on my watch. And now, it’s all in one place. Unlike before, I’d be surprised to find one on the couch, on the kitchen counter or probably in the bedroom. My brothers would use empty ones as baseball bats. Despite its high price, it can help organize your home especially if you occasionally drink wine.

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Card Payment Solution

I started a small printing press business last month. My store is situated near the university and as expected most of my costumers are students. I have no problem then with the payments because all students pay in cash basis. But when I branch out in a commercial place, it's inside the mall to be precise. I started to encounter problems with the payments. Some are using credit cards for payment so I lost lots of costumers because of this.

I find ways to overcome this problem. I'm glad that I found, a company that process visa cards. I didn't realize that people now are too busy to spend time falling in line to an ATM machine or going to the bank just to withdraw money. Using cards when paying or even ordering online is more convenient. I now have a big sign board in my store stating Credit Card Accepting to inform them of improvements.

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Our Honeymoon Trip in Paris

It was our 5th wedding anniversary last month and hubby surprised me with a package tour in Europe. I didn't know that he made bookings with the travel agency and have our travel documents prepared in time of our anniversary. The agency offered an expensive hotel rate that's why we did not push through with the package tour.

I decided to check on line on so many cheap hotels available. Rates given by Dublin accomodations and London Accomodations were much lower compared to the rate of the agency. But I still checked rates from Paris Accomodations and Barcelona Accomodations to compare their prices. Their rates were almost the same so we decided to book on line with Paris Accomodations.

We marveled at the one of the most famous gothic cathedrals in the world, Notre Dame de Paris, considered as the spiritual center of Paris. Louvre is a must-see! Famous collections in this museum include da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It also houses other famous works, such as the Venus de Milo and the Coronation of Napoleon. You need more hours to be able to fully appreciate the halls of the Louvre.

Our 5 days anniversary tour was the best for me. Aside from considering that trip as our second honeymoon it was really a dream come true to see the city of love.

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Online Casino

I am the caregiver of Mr. Smith, a 45 year old disabled American. He is now confined to his wheelchair after the accident he encountered few months ago. He used to drive from our place to Las Vegas just to play casino. But now that he cannot temporarily walk, he is satisfied in playing online casino. As I watched him play different games like online poker, craps, slots and roulette at home. I noticed that he visits first a review site before playing.

I am just curious what is the importance of an online casino reviews for a gambler like him. I knew him as an expert when it comes to gambling. He saw me staring at him and asked what was that I might want to ask? So, I asked about that review site. He explained that a review site is a list of the entire best online casino in town. They rate casinos according to the gamblers satisfaction; they give information to gamblers which casino is giving the maximum bonus a gambler can get. And lastly, it is very helpful particularly to newbie. They give tips and guidelines to new players.

So now I knew the reason why Mr. Smith checked that review site first before playing.

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