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Saturday, December 06, 2008

House Warming

I received this invitation from a good friend. They’re having a house warming next week. At last, the house they’ve been waiting for is finally finished after six months. They have always dreamed of a house that they can finally call their own. They have been saving up for constructing this house for quite a long time.

They got an interior designer that takes care of decorating inside and out. From the bedroom furniture to dining, kitchen, dressing tables and bathroom accessories. As a way of fulfilling one of their goals in life, they wanted everything to be perfect. It really is different when you have your own interior designer to arrange furniture and what accessories better suit you. Your designer knows your preferences and uses it as a foundation to designing your home. So he knows what suits your taste.

The designer picked the perfect color for the wardrobes and the dressing room for the house. The color of the furniture isn’t boring at all. By the way, the furniture were all bought from a leading furniture dealer. They also constructed this room where it’s a study room and a mini-library all in one. The ambiance is relaxing and makes you feel that it’s really comfortable to settle in with a book. There’s this huge desk that’s just right for studying, writing and reading.

Another part that attracted my attention was their music room wherein they installed a home theater entertainment set. You don’t even have to go to the movie theater to watch a film because of the size of their tv screen. The speakers are all around the room so from any angle, you hear the sounds of the movie playing. My favorite part is the kitchen. It’s big and has a wide space for cooking. Even if you host a celebration and took the liberty of supplying food, there is still a lot of space to move in while cooking batches for a whole community.

The landscaping is bright and clean. From the garage to the terrace, it’s really good. There’s a small grotto at the corner of the garden and surrounded by flowering plants. There’s a mini-fountain beside the grotto that emits a wonderful light during nighttime.

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