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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Credit Cards

Time and again my mailbox is filled with messages from financing institutions offering different bank packages. Most of the time I don't pay attention to promotions that will entail big financial burden at the end. Nowadays, many people are into deep financial burdens because of lack of control and mishandling of their money matters. Lately, a local daily runs a very interesting ad, a promo, which reads "good deals on low credit cards". This is about flexible low credit cards with the following interesting key features:

* Lower limit but offer big spending power.

* Eliminate the risk of carrying cash or cheques.

* Whether shopping day-to-day, travelling, grocery purchases, you can pay using this card, which is accepted in many outlets worldwide.

* It gives you complete freedom to buy what you want, when you want, everyday, everywhere with its added privileges and benefits.

* The most interesting feature is the big money savings rewards and discounts and very low interest rate incentive.

* You can enjoy cash advances whenever you need it.

* Convenient method of managing your cash and tracking the spending.

* Supplementary cards are available for your family, and you get to set the credit limit, too.

* Operates in any currency.

* If you lost the card, it is fully protected when reported immediately. It will then be replaced within 48 hours.

Hurry up and benefit from this special offer and begin enjoying every good deal you make from these special low credit cards!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hotels in Australia

I was surprised to receive a long distance from a friend working in a recording company. She said, they were having a good time in Australia with the complete entourage of their concert tour with the stars. She’s not actually a part of the concert but being one of the company’s staff she was able to avail the same privileges given to the whole entourage of the concert.

Their group was presently staying in Hyatt hotel then transferred to Hilton. They were given three more days to extend their stay in Australia even after the concert. But the management will only pay half of their hotel accommodation so it’s their choice to stay or not.

The rest of the group wanted to extend their stay so they looked for other cheap hotels. They finally settled at Comfort Inn others checked in at All Seasons hotel. Both hotels are offering cheaper rate that will surely give them the chance to enjoy their remaining days in the Land Down Under.


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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Road Trip to France

One of our friends is convincing my husband and I for a road trip on the beautiful cities of France. They just arrived from a successful road trip in France. They said it was an exciting and thrilling trip. They spent most of the time sightseeing while driving. Roads in France are wide enough for plenty of travelers even on peak season.

They did not make any hotel reservation in advance because Marseilles hotels, Bordeaux hotels and Toulouse hotels along the way are available on demand. When they reached Paris they easily got a room available at Paris hotels.
Now, my husband is the one convincing me for a road trip in France.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Online Store

My neighbor was asking my opinion regarding selling online because her daughter wants to set up an online store. Her daughter is currently jobless but had some knowledge in making personalized gift items. She started to make some samples during our friends wedding. She made those personalized give-away for the wedding. I was actually impressed and even asked the bride who made them.

When the online store was set up, orders start to come. My neighbor can’t believe that her daughter’s clients now are nationwide. They receive orders from different parts of the world.

I brought some of her products when I went to the Middle East. I gave some to our friends who misses native products from our country. When some friends inquire where I bought those personalized stuff I told them that they are available online and can be made according to their choice of designs. Deliveries can be arranged.

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