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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cash Advance

I worked in a small textile company two years ago as a payroll clerk. Our workers were paid on a weekly basis. The checker computes individually all the clothes done and we will pay them accordingly. We asked 10 sewers to make an overtime work for 1 week because one of our costumers needed baby dresses for export. We don’t actually have the budget for that overtime pay but we pursued with the project. Anyway, the costumer agreed on “cash on delivery” payment.

I deposited the payment the same day but the teller said it will take 5 working days for the clearance. I didn’t notice that it was a provincial check and really needs bank clearing. I told my boss about this matter and it’s good that he has an account for anytime cash advance. We settled the workers overtime pay on time while we were waiting for the clearing of the check.

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