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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Drug Abuse

I didn’t know the effect of drugs to mankind until I saw it with my cousin. We are just neighbors and we are very close to each other. His parents were both busy working and he was always left in the house with the nanny. I was his only friend then. When we entered highschool, we went separate ways. I had my own friends and he had his own group.

Few months later I noticed that he'd always arrive at home late at night. I tried to call his attention everytime I see him coming but it seemed he can’t recognize me. I also noticed the sudden weight loss in him. I madean investigation at school and I found out that he was using marijuana and other prohibited drugs together with his friends. A concerned friend even told me that my cousin sold all his jewelries and even his cell phone just to have money to buy drugs.

At young age, I knew that drug abuse is dangerous to health. I knew someone who became insane and uncontrollable because of drugs.

I told this to his parents before it’s too late. The parents were shocked upon learning their son’s condition. They don’t have any idea why these things happened to their only child. They brought him to the center to rehabilitate. Hoping that their son’s condition will get back to normal.

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