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Friday, September 05, 2008

To See is to Believe

Not so long ago, I received a few emails offering certain amounts of dollars in exchange for a simple copy-paste advertisement. At first I thought these were only spam messages. But, just in case, I tried accepting one of the offers. What have I got to lose? I’ll just copy and paste them unto my blog, right? Right after, I sent them an acknowledgement letter along with a statement informing them that I have done as they asked. To my utter surprise, they paid me the same amount they told me about in the email. For example, I got $75 dollars for 5 copy-paste advertisements in another blog.

"A cheap travel insurance is good as it saves you quite a deal on travel, even though the vacation deals may be cheap enough. If it is a cruise, it helps ever more. Going for arrangements like car rental are other money saving tactics. "

I realized that this can become a very reasonable source of income. Why waste time making your own article when they give you a couple of paragraphs to post in your blog? And here’s the better part, you get paid for it! Isn’t that great?

Just recently, I flooded a co-bloggers's messenger with messages about the new discovery. I just wanted to share this piece of information with you so all of us can receive 10 euro for the sign-up bonus and a monthly 5 euro just for a simple banner.

Last September 2, I received this email

Dear Ann,

This email confirms that Bluamber Ltd has sent £10.00 GBP to your account.
To accept this payment, log in to the PayPal website and click the Accept button next to this transaction.

Three days after I received another payment from them.

Dear Ann,
Bluamber Ltd just sent you money with PayPal.

Bluamber Ltd is a Verified buyer.
Payment Details

£10.00 GBP

Transaction ID:

Payment from Freebies4webmasters

Conversion of British Pound to US Dollars sa Paypal account ko.

Sep. 5, 2008 Currency Conversion To U.S. Dollar From British Pound $17.15 USD

Sep. 5, 2008 Currency Conversion From British Pound To U.S. Dollar £10.00 GBP

Sep. 2, 2008 Payment From Bluamber Ltd £10.00 GBP

Sep. 2, 2008 Currency Conversion To U.S. Dollar From British Pound $16.05 USD

Simple, right? If you want to, try it! At least you are totally at ease knowing it can’t possibly be spam!

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