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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I heard about this quick cash loan from a friend few months ago. I didn’t give much attention because I don’t have cash shortage that time. I never thought that I will need the service of a cash loan company someday. I have a smooth cash flow since I started with my small business. My clients were paying, all checks issued were paid on time, and my liabilities from suppliers were also paid on time.

But, not all businesses are lucky enough to have good transactions at all times. There are inconsiderate people who will try to put you down. My goods were hold by some custom officials and will take few more weeks before clearing them. I need to deliver them on time so the clients will pay me and I will pay the suppliers too. As expected, I failed to accomplish what was in the contract of selling and the client did not pay me. I already issued a post dated check to the supplier and I don’t have enough cash for that check.

I hurriedly phoned my friend and asked about this cash loan she mentioned to me few months ago. After complying with all the needed requirements of the company I got the loan and settled all my obligations with all the suppliers.


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