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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Credit

Everytime I remember my experienced with the credit cards I had last year. I always tell myself it won't happen again. I was tempted to use my credit cards without consulting my financial status. I did not foresee the things that might happen in the future. As far as I know I have a regular income that will compensate all my amortizations and credit cards payments.

It all started when our company president died and his son took over the company. He said the company was experiencing great loss and they need to lay off some employees. And I was one of the laid-off employees. As expected my credit cards balance accumulated because of non-payment. But just in time before everything became worse. I’ve known about these site for credit cards for bad credit They help me resolve my financial difficulties. They help me stabilize my credit status.

With that experience, I am really grateful with for giving me the chance to start a new stress-free life.

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