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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Europe Trip

Our yearly stockholders meeting with the employee was just finished a while ago. Ten of our salesmen still can’t believe on what they heard from our sales manager. Well, it’s really a dream come true for all of them. The company will send them to Europe for a free trip as an additional incentive for the sales they made for the past year. They will stay in France for 3 days and in Greece for 2 days , free tickets, hotels, food and allowances. They can take their spouses if they want but at their expense of course.

Sad to say, I was not included in the trip I was only assigned to arrange the trip. I look for cheaper hotels in Europe. I choose to book them in Malta Hotels or Cyprus Hotels for 3 days and then another booking in Crete Hotels or Corfu Hotels in Greece. I choose a package with tour guides because they are all first timers .With the special discount on package tours given by these hotels I’m sure our company will be happy for the amount of money saved , who knows our boss might ask me to join the tour.

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