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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a small world?

We always say the word “what a small world” everytime we unexpectedly meet an old friend from a place we think is the least place we can find people we knew. But internet proved this saying is true. Internet really makes the world small. Just because of internet surfing we were able to trace our childhood friends or boyfriends, classmates in highschool and even long lost relatives. Alumni Homecomings were held, egroups were formed and friendships renewed.

While surfing on the net I was able to stumble and saw the picture posted. It’s a picture in Milan Italy. This picture also proved that we really have a small world. Take a look at the picture. It’s a very small place but check the different faces you can see. Can you recognize some asians like chinese, filipino and malaysians. Also americans, british, mexicans and many more. Different nationalities, colors, belief and culture but they were captured in a very small place.

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