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Friday, February 29, 2008

Quality Bar Stools

We were invited to a house warming by a close relative. I admired the interior design of the house. It's simply elegant, from the paintings to the furniture displayed inside the house. The floor tiles matches with the design of the ceiling. Even the rooms upstairs have the touch of elegance. The warm color of the paint used was really eye catching. What catches my attention were the bar stools in the bar section. The fabric used matches with the table mats on the bar. I want to ask my cousin where she bought those bar stools but she was very busy that time entertaining guests.

I just called her the next day. She gave me the contact number of her interior designer because he's the one who ordered all those furniture inside the house. I eagerly called the interior designer and asked about the bar stools I've seen in my cousin's house. I learned from him that those bar stools were bought and designed personally by him. He chose the fabric that used on the stools that's why they matched with the table mats. The buyer has the option of choosing her own choice of color and finishing with the bar stools.

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