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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cash Advance

My mom is an overseas contract worker in the Middle East. She used to send me gifts during important occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and so on. Few weeks before my birthday I asked her not to send gifts anymore I want some cash this time. I will treat my friends to a videoke bar and have some drink. My friends were very excited upon knowing that we'll have a great time on my birthday.

Unfortunately, two weeks before my birthday I received a call from mom that she can't send me money. Her boss was hospitalized because of heart attack and they didn't receive their salary that particular month. What will happen to my birthday? It is embarrassing to inform my friends one by one that my birthday treat will be moved or even cancelled.

I told this to my landlady hoping that maybe she can extend me some financial help, instead she mentioned about this payday cash advance. She’s been a regular client of this payday loan.

It’s been a happy and memorable birthday for me. My friends didn’t know that the money I spent was from a payday loan. Thanks to payday loan for saving me to an embarrassing situation. Anyway my mom promised to send me money this coming month so I avail that cash advance opportunity right away.

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