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Monday, March 31, 2008

Payday Loan

One of our family friends here will migrate in Canada next month and they will stay there for good. They’ve been our closest neighbor and friends since we live in this apartment. We are planning to organize a despedida party for them next week. We will also buy something valuable for them to remember us always. Almost everybody agreed on the amount we are going to contribute for the party and for the gift except for Melanie and Carol.

We all know that they are currently having problem with their company. Their salary was already 2 months delayed. But the company promises them the pay check at the end of this month. I told them to try applying for a payday loans. I already tried this cash advance loan so many times. It really helps me a lot especially during salary delay. Anyway, nobody will know except me that they avail this payday loan because the company assures them of confidentiality.

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