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Monday, March 24, 2008

Web Hosting

I encouraged a friend of mine to try blogging and she asked that I help create her very own blog. She started her blog with the available free hosting site. During the past few months, she says that she's enjoyed blogging. Despite her positive comments, she told me that the only problem with free hosting is the limited space allowed and the difficulties when one logs in.

i told her to try paid web hosting and gave her the web hosting I know of except for the one I have a contract with now. I chose not to recommend my current host with her because it's giving me a headache right now. Most of the time, i can't log in. The worst that I experienced was when the web hosting program was hacked. We didn't have access to it for weeks and it was really frustrating.I promised myself that I would never create a contract with them if this current one expires.

She mentioned a reliable web hosting she heard from a co-blogger.We visited the site and checked. With the good feedback and comments from clients of this website, my friend was convinced and applied for a web hosting.

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