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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ipod Skins

My iPod is pink and I’m kind of getting tired of seeing the color everyday since I listen to music frequently. I thought that maybe iPod skins can solve the problem. That way I can personalize my iPod along with my cell phone too. These are stickers that are advantageous for making your iPod or any gadget colorful and scratch-free, at least on the paint. I can put stickers with me and my friends on it, or one with my favorite basketball team, or just a picture of my favorite singer.

Now, I’m not getting tired of the design. In fact, my friends always ask me where they could get one of theirs. I recommended the site I got it from. Now, their phones and iPods have different designs instead of the usual plain colors we see. Now, even my laptop has a picture of my favorite band and me.

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