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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Things I'll Never Do Again

Never ask my son Joshua to tell a lie again

I told Josh to tell whoever would call that I am sleeping. After a while, the phone rang and Josh answered it. I heard him say, “Mama is sleeping. OK, I will just tell her. What is your name again?” He even gave me a thumbs-up and I smiled in return. He then told me , “ Mama, I told Tita that you are sleeping.” After a few seconds, the phone rang again. I answered it, it was her again, She told me that she heard what Joshua told me a while ago because she didn’t hang up the phone yet. I was embarrassed but I just explained.

Never mix bowl disinfectant with bleach (Clorox)

I never want to repeat that experience ever again. I even thought that I would never get out of that bathroom alive. I assumed that when I mixed the two, my cleaning would be a lot easier. I began to feel dizzy and my sight became blurry. I was alone in the house at that time.

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