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Monday, February 25, 2008

Concrete Shed

I was always frustrated that my kids always kept their toys where they last used them. They’d only listen if someone would trip on their toys. But the next day, they’d always forget the warnings given to them. We also have this slide we bought that we keep in our backyard. My kids take out their toys sometimes and when they’re done, our yard’s a mess. We really can’t rely on my kids to clean up after they do something. I haven’t even mentioned the garden tools we have that always go missing. ‘Cause we really don’t have a permanent place to put them altogether.

My husband happened to come across garden sheds on the internet through an advertisement he saw. He found it convenient for us especially with toys and garden tools. Once we had our garden concrete shed built, it became sort of a storage area for us. My kids now know where to put and to return their toys after using. My husband also keep his tools in there. It really has increased the cleanliness level of our humble abode. The toys don’t get kicked under the sofas anymore. We know this since when we once cleaned out the sofa, we found several of our long-gone toys. It also lessens the chance of sitting in those shears you use in trimming bushes. Though it is kind of messy in there, at least we know where to find them, right?

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