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Monday, February 25, 2008

Cosmetic surgery 'can restore confidence'

I had a friend who played the role of an ugly flabby witch in a stage play. Actually she was really fat that’s why people tagged her as the flabby witch for all seasons. Sad thing was even after the play, many rude students kept on addressing her as the ugly flabby witch. She promised to herself that someday she will also portray the role of a very beautiful princess. We took nursing course in college. After graduation I worked in the province and she worked in the Middle east. I just heard from some friends that she’s already in UK and working there as a nurse in a big hospital.

Last summer, we had our Alumni Homecoming and we were all excited to see each other again after ten long years. The speaker called our attention to announce the sponsors of our homecoming. We were all surprised to see this very beautiful lady who was once tagged as the flabby witch. According to her it’s really a blessing that she knew about this liposuction cosmetic surgery from the resident doctor of their hospital. She is very grateful that there are doctors perporming this surgery to help people like her to get back the self confidence in herself.

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