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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Perfect place for a Wedding

What is virtual relationship? I had no idea about this until I met someone from New Zealand in an internet forum. We became friends, had a regular chat, exchanged ideas and emails. After few months he visited me in my country and offered a very touching marriage proposal. Wow! Is this real? In just a very short time everything happened that fast. I accepted the proposal and we plan for a simple wedding. But my fiance wants a grand wedding in New Zealand. According to him, New Zealand is the perfect place for a wedding. We can hire a wedding coordinator who will take care of everything to make it a perfect wedding.

My fiance gave me money to buy plane tickets for my immediate relatives who will come with us to witness the ceremony. I also searched on net for cheaper hotels where they can temporarily stay. I like the special offer from New Zealand Hotels and Auckland Hotels but all rooms are reserved on the date of our arrival. I tried also Christchurch Hotels and Wellington Hotels but they are a little bit far from our wedding place. So I finally make an early booking in Queenstown Hotels, aside from giving us a special discount for advance booking the place is just minutes away from our wedding place.

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