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Friday, February 29, 2008

Trip to Paris

My husband and I got married just recently and as part of our parents' gifts to us are tours in Paris, the well known city of love with all expenses paid for 5 days. They made an early booking with the travel agency. So it's really a happy trip to Paris for both of us. Our parents decided to include a tour guide in the package trip because we're both first timers in the city. They are just making sure that we will not lost in Europe.

I've been dreaming of this place since I was in high school. I was really fascinated with the beautiful sceneries surrounding the place. I heard from friends that it's really worth traveling in this place.

The big day comes...we are now in Europe.....

Paris is a fabulous city at night, there are lights everywhere. A dinner at Altitude 95 of Eiffel Tower was overwhelming. It is the most romantic place we’ve ever seen... the magic of love is in the air. One can’t simply take a trip to Paris and miss it. What a magnificent sight.

We enjoyed the famous Palace at Versailles. This is one of France's most interesting and historic sites, residence of the kings of France. Behold the palace's famous Hall of Mirrors. We took time to stroll around the magnificent serene gardens.

Lastly, we didn’t miss the most important leg of our trip, a visit to the Basilica of Lourdes to pray and experience the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We felt that the signal graces she promised were outpouring. It was an indescribable and incredible experience.

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