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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Online Casino

I am the caregiver of Mr. Smith, a 45 year old disabled American. He is now confined to his wheelchair after the accident he encountered few months ago. He used to drive from our place to Las Vegas just to play casino. But now that he cannot temporarily walk, he is satisfied in playing online casino. As I watched him play different games like online poker, craps, slots and roulette at home. I noticed that he visits first a review site before playing.

I am just curious what is the importance of an online casino reviews for a gambler like him. I knew him as an expert when it comes to gambling. He saw me staring at him and asked what was that I might want to ask? So, I asked about that review site. He explained that a review site is a list of the entire best online casino in town. They rate casinos according to the gamblers satisfaction; they give information to gamblers which casino is giving the maximum bonus a gambler can get. And lastly, it is very helpful particularly to newbie. They give tips and guidelines to new players.

So now I knew the reason why Mr. Smith checked that review site first before playing.

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