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Sunday, March 16, 2008

UK Wedding

My sister will be marrying her fiancé next month in UK. They met on the net thru an online internet forum. They had intimate chat that led to serious relationship. The boyfriend requested a wedding in UK because his parents are too old to travel in our country to attend the ceremony. He sent us money for the plane tickets to guarantee our attendance. We were scheduled to go in UK a week before the wedding.

My sister said we can’t stay in their place because there’s no space for transient. His fiancé is currently staying in a condo unit and the place is too small to accommodate all of us. We decided to look for a cheaper but decent place to stay in. Our travel agent recommended London Hotels Centre and Blackpool Hotels among the best but cheaper hotels in town. But these are far from the wedding site, so we also consider Cheap Belfast Hotels and Cheap Cardiff Hotels among our choices. All these hotels offer competitive rates to travelers. I am about to confirm our reservation when my sister called and inform us to go directly to Cheap Hotels in Leeds because her fiancé already booked us there. It’s the nearest hotel on the wedding site aside from the cheaper rate the hotel offered.

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