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Saturday, May 27, 2006


TAGay sa akin to ni Melai, Idealpinkrose, Jairam and Agring. Natagalan na nga ako sa pagsagot kaya naipon.

Five jobs you have had in your life:

1. payroll clerk/textile in Caloocan
2. bookkeeper/Mandaluyong
3. personnel clerk/Bataan
4. bookkeeper/lending
4. operation manager/lending/financing

Five movies you would watch over and over:
1. all Steven Seagal movies

Five places you have lived in:
1. Pangasinan
2. Manila
3. Pampanga
4. Bataan
5. Saudi Arabia

Five TV shows you love to watch:
1. No choice. TFC subscriber ako eh.

Five local places you have been on vacation:
1. Baguio
2. Pangasinan

Five websites I visit daily:
1. Yahoo. Email
2. Google. Research
3. KD’s blogsite
4. My blogsite
5. Blogfriends sites

Five of my favorite foods:
1. kare-kare
2. grilled chicken
3. lasagna
4. lamb spare ribs
5. broasted chicken

Five places I would rather be right now:

1. Pampanga my hometown
2. Bataan, miss ko na yung bahay namin.

instructions: name 10 of life s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. try to be original and creative, and not to use things someone else has already used.

1. when I’m with hubby and our 3 kids.
2. paglalambing ni Joshua pag may gusto, saying I love you with a big hug.
3. I love you from hubby before going to office and bago matulog.
4. hubby and kids appreciate the food I cook, specially Joshua saying “ Mama, I love this one! Super super sarap.”
5. text messages from my family back home
6. massage ni Justin and Tin-tin pag pagod ako..sarap nakakatulog ako.
7. pag kinukulit ako ni Dada. (opo, super super kulit po sya)
8. chatting with old friends and blogger friends
9. pag may smiley si Joshua sa kamay from school (kahit na witch or sad face pa yun.)
10. blogging and surfing

I will not tag anyone para naman matuwa si mommy lei..hehehe.

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