Apple of my Eyes

Thursday, February 21, 2008


When Joshua was still in Kindergarten, I was able to speak with the husband of his teacher because I heard he was fond of Josh. So before he goes to work, he talks with Joshua. Josh told him that his father shouts at him when he teaches him.My husband told Josh never to do it again because it’s not good.

One time, we were about to go home when Joshua said, “Dada, let’s go to McDo.” My husband answered, “Josh, we’ll go in the weekend. You still have to do your homeworks.” Josh answered, “If we will not go to McDo, I will tell my teacher you shout at me again.” We were all laughing. Who knew he had the guts to blackmail his father.But of course we explained to him that it's not a good attitude and let him promised not to do it again.

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