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Monday, February 18, 2008


My daughter Tin-tin was still young when we realized that she was really smart. At 10 months, she could call us mama and papa. That’s why when she was just more than one year old, she could already tell stories. At the age of three, we enrolled her in Nursery. Kind of a sit-in, as you may call it. Believe it or not, she was the gold medalist in their batch. At the age of 5, she was already in grade 1. As parents, we’re proud to see our children on stage receiving multiple awards. She has joined innumerable quiz bees.


At 6, she told me she wanted to play the piano. We didn’t think she’d like it because maybe she’d be troubled in reading the notes. After a few months, she was the youngest recitalist in their batch.


Last summer, she wanted to join an acting workshop. I didn’t approve at first cause it could affect her studies. But, we gave it a try. After 5 months, her first stage play was shown. Four episodes composed the show and she was included in one of them. The title was, “Gamu-gamo sa Kanto ng East Avenue ”. It’s a story about street children, members of a syndicate. They all wanted to break free and have a good life of their own. I didn’t like her role as “ Myra ” who lived in the streets so the language she used was the so-called street language. She’s a beggar who has a dream of becoming a GRO because her character thinks that it is the fastest way to earn money. As they say, it’s just acting. it’s just a role and it’s not them. They just play their characters.


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