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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks to PayPerPost

About three months ago I received an email from a co-blogger asking if she can buy my old blog for $50. I asked my husband what’s so special with my blog and someone is willing to spend 50 bucks for my old blog. But hubby was also clueless about it. I decided to ask a blogger friend of mine and even sent her a copy of that email. That was the time I learned about payperpost . She told me that blogging now is not just for personal enjoyment but also a fast and easy way of earning money by just posting some entries about some products. She gave me the payperpost website to have some idea about blog reviews.

The only problem then was how am I going to be paid for every post I am going to make. Payperpost pay only via paypal and paypal was not available in our country. Until late last year when I read from a certain blog that paypal is now in our territory. What a relief for all of us who want to join the payperpost community. That was the time I decided to apply my blog to payperpost. I’m so happy when I received an email stating that my blog was approved. I am now a certified member of payperpost team.

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