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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kids are Kids

Justin had a project in school, they would make a piggy bank. They were told to bring a large empty bottle of mineral water, gift wrapper, colored pencils, paste and an egg tray. They needed it the next day. Of course, who keeps the egg trays when the eggs are already in the fridge? So I called my husband and told him to buy eggs even if we still have a lot at home. There was one parent who called and asked if I had an extra egg tray so that our kids could just share. I told Justin to share with his classmate whose parent called me. Unfortunately, Justin left the egg tray at the compartment of the car . So, they both had no project. The teacher agreed that they could do it at home.

The next day, my friend called me again. I apologized that also her child had no materials for the project. She was a little mad. Not at me, but at the teacher. Her daughter told her that there was a classmate who was willign to share but the teacher won’t let them. I told her that Justin didn’t get a chance to do the project either. I suggested that she call the teacher because that statement Justin gave me was different from her daughter’s.

After 30 min., she called again:

Mom: Sis, I was embarrassed when I called the teacher.
Me: Why?
Mom: The teacher told me that the reason why she didn’t allow my chikd to do the project at school was because I had too many complaints.
Me: What? What kind of complaints?
Mom: Cause I just knew about the project when I got home from work at 8pm. She told me they needed the tray. But where are you going to find that in such short notice. Unlike in the Philippines , you can just buy from the nearby store.
Me: But, I was supposed to give you some, my son just forgot.
Mom: Yeah. But because I was so angry, I was able to say things about her teacher. And they were not good either.
Me: What? Your daughter told the teacher what you said?
Mom: Yes! So, it turns out it’s me who have to say sorry.

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