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Friday, February 15, 2008

On Dieting

Admit it, when you see a chubby baby, you just can’t stop telling yourself on how cute that kid is. When my kids were still little, cute babies, I let them watch the television show Barney the Dinosaur so they’d watch and watch while I give them spoonful after spoonful of their food. It gives you a warm feeling to see your baby happily fed.

I started feeding them solid food at the age of 4 months. I boiled chicken meat, carrots, potato, squash, lettuce and rice. I would be able to cook the baby’s food for one whole week at once. Once the vegetables are soft enough, I would transfer them to a blender so it would be smooth. Then I’d put it in a small tupperware and put it in the freezer.

They took their chubby features up until the age of seven, so I told myself that they should start to slim down before they enter highschool. So, I started dieting them in 2005. They all agreed that they would start to lessen their food intake...except for Joshua, my youngest. He would cry and plead just to get me to add more rice to his plate. When it’s time to eat, I’d be the one to put rice on their plates so they’d have a limit. But their intake on vegetables and fruits is unlimited. They could eat as much as they can. I forbade them chips and soda. They could still eat chocolates but not on a daily basis. But I still think their dieting isn’t working.

Look at Tin-tin’s pictures now. She’s only 13 yrs old, stands 5’3. She’s taller than me now.

Justin, on the other hand, in just a little time, his weight lessened a bit because he follows what I tell him. Though there was a time I couldn’t forget, when he was still young, he said, “Mama, I need to eat three plates of rice because I’m already three years old.”

Ironically, Joshua was the lightest when I gave birth to him (5.5 lbs.) He was already one year old but I had a hard time feeding him then. I even thought he had a throat problem because he didn’t like to eat rice. Some people would even comment on how he didn’t look like his two older siblings. When he was two years old, that’s when he started to eat a lot more . His weight increased at an alarming rate that I didn’t notice he surpassed the weight of the other two.

Nowadays, I am having a hard time getting him to eat less. He would plead, “Please, Mama, only one , promise.” If I wasn’t thinking of their health someday, whose mom would stop her children from eating? Some of my friends would complain that they would have a hard time getting their children to eat. I would say that my children are the exact opposite.

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