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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Never leave the washing machine unattended.

I became used to leaving the washing machine and I’d go back to the room and sleep or watch TV. I told myself that it was automatic anyway. It was a pretty long time before it stops. After 30 minutes, however, I thought I smelled a wire that had short-circuited. When I emerged from my room, the house was full of smoke. Justin was still a baby then and I panicked. I opened the door of our flat and I saw those Indian maintenances in our building. I asked for help and they immediately turned off the general switch.

When I examined our bathroom, the wall was burnt, some tiles on the wall fell and some black dust was flying all over the place. Justin was wearing a white shirt then, but when I saw him, it was gray. It took us 2 days to clean the house. I even dream about it at night. Since Then, I never left the washing machine running and I’d sleep.

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