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Saturday, February 02, 2008


My kids are pet lovers. Though I am allergic to fur I allowed them to have a puppy in the house. They were very happy when I said they can have it while we were inside the pet house. They promised that they will take care of the puppy and they even named it Patrick. Seeing them happy playing with the dog makes me feel happy too.

Until one day, my husband excitedly came and told us the good news. Their office will conduct an out of town seminar for 2 weeks and they allow the family to come with them, with free hotel accomodation. But strictly no pets allowed.

Who will look after Patrick for two weeks while we are away? My closest neighbor goes to work everyday. I have no relatives nearby. I’m almost hopeless until my daughter told me she knew a place where Patrick can stay while we are on vacation. Her classmates told her that their cat was in the pet care for a month. It’s a place where people take care of your pet, they feed, groom and play with them.

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