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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Holy Month of Ramadan

This is how a mall looks like during Ramadan here in KSA. It's 11 o'clock in the morning when I took this picture.

Ramadan is the Holy month of Muslims.They fast during this month from the moment when it first starts to get light until sunset. So don't expect anyone to go out malling in the morning.Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of the religion of Islam and one of the highest forms of Islamic worship. Abstinence from earthly pleasures and curbing evil intentions and desires is regarded as an act of obedience and submission to God as well as an atonement for sins, errors, and mistakes.

Ramadan brings out a special feeling of emotional excitement and religious zeal among Muslims of all ages. Though fasting is mandatory only for adults, children as young as eight willingly observe fasting with their elders. Children look forward to the excitement of sighting the moon and eating special meals with their families. Adults appreciate the opportunity to double their rewards from God and seek forgiveness for past sins.

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