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Friday, February 22, 2008

Homeowner Loan

I still remember when I was still a kid, we lived in a remote area in our province. We had a neighbor who’s three children were very much dependent on them. Until the time two of them got married and have children of their own. I asked my meignbor why she’s still assisting them with their financial needs? She just replied, “you won’t understand parents until you become one.” Of course at young age how could I understand that phrase.

Now that I am also a parent, I understand my neighbor’s gesture towards her children. That’s why I was not surprised when my flatmate applied for a housing loan, not for him but for her newly wed son. Imagine that! He sent his son to college until he finished a masteral degree. The son has already a stable job and married just recently.

When his second son got married. He did the same but the problem arises. His financial status becomes unstable. As much as possible he wants to be fair to his children but his present financial capabilty won’t allow him to do so. He’s now struggling with his amortization. Until he learned about this homeowner loan who offers financial help to those who already have the property but having struggle in payment.

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain the unconditional love of parents. They will do everything or anything just to give us a good life.

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