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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Car Insurance

When I bought a second hand car last year I decided not to buy an insurance policy. My friend told me to buy insurance for my car. I find it not practical because my car is not a brand new anyway. Besides, I am not a careless driver. I never met any road accidents since I started driving. But we all know that accidents are inevitable. My car parked at the malls parking area when a big truck hit it... Luckily, I was not inside the car that time. The truck driver fled away and never came back. My car was seriously damaged and I have no choice but to shoulder all the expenses incurred.

That was a month before year ends. I promised to myself that I will buy insurance before year ends. But another tragedy was on my way. I was hit again by a reckless driver. The driver was drunk and we’re both hospitalized because of that accident. Sad thing was the driver who hit me had car insurance but already expired 2 weeks before the accident. He paid for our hospital bill and that’s all he got. He said he’s jobless and can’t pay for the repair of my car. What happened became a big lesson for me. Just before I took my car at the repair shop I bought car insurance right away.

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