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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wine Racks

I can’t even remember the times wine bottles in our kitchen counter would be hit accidentally by my brothers and the next thing I’d see would be tiny shards of glass on the floor and I’d be told to get a clean rag and mop up the mess my brothers made. Talk about unfair. Even my parents get tired of this never-ending ritual of ours. That’s when they decided that we need some kind of a cabinet for our wine bottles which they only use for special occasions. It would be impossible to put them in our cabinets containing our stocks of groceries.

I tried to search wine racks on the Internet and this site caught my attention. It caught my parents’ as well. I can gladly (and thankfully) say that the number of bottle-breaking has lessened a lot. Besides, my brothers know better than to try and break another on my watch. And now, it’s all in one place. Unlike before, I’d be surprised to find one on the couch, on the kitchen counter or probably in the bedroom. My brothers would use empty ones as baseball bats. Despite its high price, it can help organize your home especially if you occasionally drink wine.

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