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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Joshua's Corner

Joshua: Ma, are you going to get angry if I have 2 or 3 mistakes?

Me: Of course not but I'll be sad.

Joshua: Ok. Promise I will do my best. (After the exams, the test papers arrived. )

Me: Josh, why like this? (I was holding the paper)

Joshua: Mama, you told me it's ok if I only have 2 or 3 mistakes.

Me: Yes, I said that… but not in every page.

(Waaahhhh..we didn’t understand each other.) The next day, he handed he a test paper

Joshua: Mama, look It's perfect. (I was shocked and I kissed him in the cheek. I asked him what toy he liked. He told me to wait and he’d think about it.)
Justin: Ma, have you seen my test paper in English?

Me: Not yet. Where is it? Justin: Josh, where's my test paper? Joshua: I gave it to Mama. Me: Josh, you told me it's yours.

Joshua: No, I did not tell that. I only said "look it's perfect."

I looked at the paper he gave me a while ago. I glanced at the name, waaahhh… It’s Justin’s. I didn’t see the name!

After the examination we had a deal that if they had a perfect exam, they’d get a reward. But with Joshua, it’s a different policy. If he had a high score in any quiz, he’d get a toy. Cause if we’d wait for him to get a perfect score before buyign him one, they’d be all out of toys in the market in the time that would happen.

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