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Saturday, March 01, 2008


We were planning a trip to Rome the other week and almost decided. But then, the fact that we had no place to stay hit us like a ton of bricks. I heard so much about Rome and the wonderful tourist hot spots and I just had to visit them. Desperately, I searched for help. As in, knowing where to find accommodations for tourists. I found this website and saw what they had to say, and immediately took their word for it. Since, I saw the Rome hotels by availability section, I had to check it out. It interested me deeply. I had my parents check it out as well. They were both interested and this became our guide to completing our plans for a vacation. We finally found a hotel suited for the size of our family.

I also did a research in the different tourist spots and I’m impressed. Which made me want to go there even more. I even saw the available transportation they had. Aside from temporary hotels, there were even apartments which had excellent accommodations. Mauro and Paola claim to be the Italy experts and I totally agree with them I’d give them triple thumbs-up, even. They have the information any Rome-tripper wannabe would need to have an excellent visit.

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