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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Long Lost Friend

A good friend of mine decided to go abroad for so many reasons. It is not primarily because he needed the job offerred to him. When we were in highschool, he always tell me about his father scolding him without apparent reason. Embarrassed him in front of friends and relatives. Physically abused him by beating with a metal belt. His mom loves him very much but can’t do anything to protect him.

Deep inside he knew what was the reason behind this. His father was very much disappointed because he is gay. He is the only boy out of 5 siblings and turned out to be a gay. His father can’t accept the fact that aside from his gender abnormality he’s still a normal person .

After three long years of hiding and living independently, away from his father’s sight. He came home with someone special in his heart. He said he is now a member of a community where gay dating and lesbian dating is acceptable. A group of people who understand each other. People who won't judge you for being homosexual. I can see the happiness and satisfaction in his face. I am very happy for my friend now that he found his space on earth.

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