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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Visiting Barcelona

My daughter is currently taking up a masteral degree in Spain. This year, instead of it would be her to visit us here in the Philippines, we finally decided that we would be the one to travel to Spain this time. Since she only lives in a dorm, it would be impossible for us to stay in with her. She advised us to book ourselves in one of the cheap Spain hotels near her residence and she would be the one to move in for a while so we could spend the vacation together.

There are a lot of cheap hotels in Barcelona to choose from, to be closer to tourist spots. Though, cheap Madrid hotels and cheap Costa Del Sol hotels are good choice, we took into consideration cheap Alicante hotels too. We've made our decision and we would stay in Barcelona for the trip. We're getting ready to leave next week. We really hope that our reservation in cheaper hotels can affect greatly to our budget. Of course, so we can buy souvenirs.

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