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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Car Insurance

After two years of hard work and saving about 20% of my salary, I was able to buy a new car. It’s a dream come true for an ordinary employee like me. First thing I did was to buy an insurance policy for my brand new car. I availed this collision and body injury coverage among the car insurance quotes I received.

I remember my experience with my old car a year ago. I bought a second hand car from a friend. It also had insurance policy at that time. When the insurance expired I did not bother to renew it because I thought it was not worth to spend a huge amount for a second hand car like mine. But even you are the most careful driver in the city we all know that accidents are inevitable. I was hit by a reckless driver and my car was wrecked. The sad thing was that the car that hit me also had expired insurance. At the same time, the driver was jobless and said he was willing to go in prison but can’t afford to pay for the repair of my car.

I learned my lesson from this experience that’s why when a good friend of mine bought his car I told him to secure car insurance right away.

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