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Friday, January 18, 2008

What Would It Be Like?

i’d hate to leave this place
i know sadness would evoke
it’s lost in a cloud of smoke
my mind seems to be flying
as those birds soar the sky
what would it be like
if i never knew why?

yes, he’s an inspiration
though i think i need more
maybe he was all i needed
i was just being stupid all along
i’ve known this life
for almost 14 years
what would it be like
if i never shed a tear?

love at its highest
could do one much harm
life would be simpler
if they never had that charm
best friends leaving
your grades go suffering
what would it be like
if the devil wouldn’t be nearing?

i just can’t ignore it all
and pretend i never knew them
but i really have no choice
it’ll never be the same
i’d never be able to sleep at night
anything, i’d be willing to give
what would it be like
if i never had to…

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