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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank You

Thank you

I think I’m missing something,
something I can’t understand.
I just hope I can figure it out,
but will you reach out and give me a hand?

I think it’s you I’m missing,
you’re a friend I never had.
You made me feel so happy,
it was something I just had to blab.

It never occurred t0 me,
that I might just lose you.
All that mattered t0 me was,
every m0ment I spent with y0u was true.

Friends are a big part of my life,
and y0u’re one of my best friends,
Which means you’re out of the ordinary,
you’ll still be when this lifetime ends.

S0metimes friendships fail,
even th0se true and loving ones,
But this time I’ll really make sure that,
the friendship that w0n’t fail is this one.

I considered you my enemy,
when I saw you with other friends,
I guess I was just a little jealous,
I never thought of y0u as a loving friend.

By: Tin-tin

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